Fake Easter ‘Banksy’ Artwork Appears Round London Bridge


A mural of a man being chased by police and paparazzi close to London Bridge that was reportedly to be by graffiti artist Banksy is in fact a fake.

Unveiled for Easter, the artwork shows a religious man carrying the cross while photographers take snapshots of his suffering and angry police wield batons at him.

The piece of street art used his trademark stencilling technique and is in line with his usual subject matter and was reported by London based art site artlyst.com that the new mural has been nicknamed “the stations of the cross.” London based public arts enterprise Art Below first tweeted a picture of the new mural on Thursday claiming it was a Banksy. However, Banksy’s PR has now confirmed the artwork is a fake.


The police stencil was apparently taken from this T-Shirt by Red Molotov:


(via huffingtonpost)



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  • j.d.troughton

    I am so disappointed by the lack of priortiy, focus, and depth in the minds of our people. It does not matter whose ego is responsible for this, whose body painted it… It matters for its MESSAGE. We look on voyeuristically or profiteer on everything from unhealthily “important” art idols (like Banksy!) and the suffering of other humans en masse. Only little girls of the skin colour we prefer can evoke something near tbhe appropriate response -critical examination and action- but even then the critique is laced with ego and partisan ignorance, and the solutions are shortsighted, tokenistic, jingoistic and always fail to identify let alone address the root causes in the profit mechanism, the restricted access metaphysic (‘owning’ ‘things’), unexamined and enabled over-consumption, affluenza, and ultimately dependence upon the external reality for our inner/mental state beyond life needa via radically inflated ego illusions being mistaken for “us”, and huge swathes of “us” being mistaken for “them”. Nevermind who drew it, fuck. Just listen real good to that voice that says “you gotta do something”.

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