Massive Mural Is a Flip-Book Style Wall Animation


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A recently completed commission in Copenhagen by Argentinian artist Hyuro with help of Alejandro Valbuena Martinez is a huge flip-book style mural. The massive 890-foot long illustration engulfs a stretch of highway in the city and features a reindeer entering a forest. When you drive by at enough speed the images appear as a flip-book style animation as shown in the video above.

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  • Thomas Mansell

    I love the idea, and the care and detail lavished on each individual “frame” – but the video doesn’t actually show how it would look as one drives past.

    I’m also interested whether there were any safety concerns about an artwork that both tempts drivers to look away from the road and requires them to drive above a certain speed in order for it to have its full effect.

    • I would like to think it’s a fairly similar experience driving past it.
      I am pleased that the city authorities didn’t use the excuse of “safety” from beautifying their city. I would be interested to know what the road accident stats are for this road? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were lower than the average – with people slowing down to see the art.

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