Portraits of cats dressed as royalty


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Tashkent-based Uzbek artist Eldar Zakirov digitally painted portraits of cats for Hermitage Magazine that makes them look like they are refined gentlemen in royal attire. Styling his whimsical renditions like classic oil paintings, there is an unbelievably realistic quality to them.

Have a look at the portraits of dogs dressed as humans and leave comment saying who looks better, cats or dogs?

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  • alenbloom

    awww…. the first cat’s like a dreamy prince… his back looks awesome and would dearly love to hug him… and the fourth cat… his eyes are… like… they look very calm and kind… i love it… i love all the portraits… they look elegant, proud and very wise.. haha… i wish the artist would do the same with dogs… dress them with royal attire and with some warrior armors with swords, guns or dress them like some stories of mythological…. heheeee… would be interesting…

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